In this campaign, the “Audi A8” is portrayed as a personal space where the driver can take a moment away from the busyness of everyday life and let their mind roam freely. In the film a businessman sits serenely inside a wooden frame that represents the sanctuary of the interior of the A8, as he transitions between a variety of calming Japanese locations. Wieden+Kennedy worked with composer Philip Kay at Woodwork Music to create a peaceful atmosphere which dramatically cuts through the chaos of Japanese television advertising and offers a moment of sanctuary for the viewer. It was shot by Yaushito Tsuge. The key visual brings this idea to life with a graphic square cutout behind the car to represent the mind space that one finds inside it. It was also captured by Holger Wild in various locations around Japan.

Client: Audi Japan   

Agency: Weiden+Kennedy Tokyo

Role: ECD,CD

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