As part of the campaign that communicates the greatness of sports with a key phrase, “Make them talk,” Nike Japan will start a new TVC, “Oath,” on Wednesday, March 6, 2013, that advocates a new approach to baseball. It features cameo appearances by Hideo Nomo and Koji Uehara of the Boston Red Sox. In this TVC, a young man makes an oath at a baseball tournament with an emphasis on “his own” success. Through this young man, Nike communicates a message that individual players in any sports can inspire the team, coach, fans, opponents and the world, and that the efforts they make “for themselves” will in turn benefit the team. This TVC portrays how the unexpected oath of the young man that starts with “Ladies and gentlemen, we all stand before you, but…I ask you to watch me” surprises the audience in the stadium, cheering squad, reporters, photographers, commentators and those who hear it on TV and radio, and make them buzz. Hideo Nomo hears the oath on TV when he is getting a massage on a bed and lifts his head in surprise. Koji Uehara hears this daring oath on the radio in a taxi and smiles.

Client: Nike Japan   

Agency: Weiden+Kennedy Tokyo

Role: ECD

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